The more you cut it, the more it forms a dense, even hedge and the easier it is to keep it to the same size. Northern England . If the hedge grows too large, cut back hard in mid-winter, avoiding very cold spells. Although, you can get away with just the late August cut. Help! September is the best month to do it.
Takeaways. You are the owner of the hedge if the trunk and roots are on your property. Our Hedging Nursery is based in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland.

If necessary, prune it hard in April to reduce the size of the hedge. Cutting Beech Hedge Gardening. Hedges that sit on boundary lines are owned by both households. My campanula are dying Last post: Greengage. ... Beech Hedge. Although, you can get away with just the late August cut. Informal hedges require a one-time cut throughout the year. Most Recent Posts Apple tree - is this fungus? The current hedge is around 2m high and 1.5m wide, and has been established for many years.
Last post: Greengage . Is this a tree or shrub?? Beech hedges are usually maintenance pruned in September getting a little re growth before winter when it can be formative pruned into shape. Formal hedges, however, may need maintenance from 2 to 3 times.

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My alternative would be to completely remove the existing hedge and re-plant with fresh Bare-rooted … A laurel hedge should be maintenance pruned in Mid- August, if you are using powered shears to trim the hedge it may be …

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The fastest way to plant a bare root tree or shrub is to cut a T-shaped incision in the ground and slot the plant in, firming it in carefully and checking that the roots start to flare out exactly at soil level. For the first two years after planting your beech, you should shorten the longer shoots to encourage growth without losing too much of the height. Someone mentioned that it needs cutting back in order to thicken or 'stool' it i.e. Author Message; declanfl Rank attained: Hazel Tree Joined: 26 Feb 2008 Posts: 4: Posted: …

This Beech hedge is approximately two and a half years old and approx.2ft 6 inches high.

If the hedge is very formal and neat it might need clipping twice a year (around June and again in late August). "Topiary and leafy, formal hedges like beech and conifers need clipping twice a year (June and again in late August) if you want them looking perfect. Their large leaves can turn brown if cut in two by rough trimming. Welcome to; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. 160 bare-root Copper Beech plants arrived in good condition on the day promised by John; very happy to now have a hedge and looking forward to Spring when hopefully they will be dressed in live leaves. Hedging in Ireland: beech hedge, correct time of the year to cut?

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However, you can get away with just the late August cut if you don’t mind your hedges looking a bit 'stubbly' during summer." Growing in coastal garden Last post: Greengage.