But we all need flour to bake our bread. For me, if the occasional mood strikes to experiment with my bread machine and I want to give some bread flour a spin, I’ll just pay the $2.89 and buy myself a … Same situation in the UK. More details. Unless supermarkets start stocking larger bags of flour, we'll need to limit purchasing and be mindful of others in knead. Here's how to bake bread even when you don't have all-purpose or bread flour. Although strangely, I could get yeast posted from Portugal. level 2. People have already spotted flour returning to the shelves in Asda and Lidl stores, while Co-op reassured us that they will also be able to replenish stock soon. When flour's in short supply, you have to make do with whatever you can find on the supermarket shelf. Store items such as flour, ingredients, pans and parchment, as well as a selection of breads from our bakery are available for pick-up but must be ordered and paid for by phone (802) 649-3361. Bread flour thin on the ground but grabbed a few packets yesterday. edited 1 month ago. Didn't have the wholemeal but did have the white, so I guess I'm making white this week.