95. Perennial plant used in herbal medicine and biological control of insects.

Other Common Names: Blind nettle, stingless nettle, archangel, white nettle, ortiga muerta (Spanish), lamier blanc (French), Weisse Taubnessel (German), valkopeippi (Finnish), døvnælde (Danish), døvnesle (Norwegian), vitplister (Swedish), ljósatvítönn (Icelandic). A breath-taking display in an all-white garden. Lamium purpureum, known as red dead-nettle, purple dead-nettle, or ... Lamium purpureum is a common weed in the western United States Canada, Ireland, and the British Isles.

Dead nettle is one of those plants that almost has everything going for it, until it doesn’t.

Perennial Farm Marketplace Lamium m. 'Shell Pink' ((Dead Nettle) Perennial, Size-#1 Container, Green and White Foliage with Pinkish Flowers.

It's a short-lived annual that will grow and flower even in the winter with mild temperatures. If you ever do any wildcrafting, purple dead nettle is an easy plant to forage for when you're out and about. A vigorous groundcover ideal for large areas.

Watch for it …

Shipping June 1, 2020. More Details. A good bee plant[4, 24] and a good companion plant, helping any vegetables growing nearby[14, 18]. Get Pricing and Availability. Lamium is an absolutely delightful shade loving groundcover with variegated heart shaped leaves and cheerfully colored flowers. Beacon Silver Lamium Plant (Dead-nettle) Price 13.95.

Purple Dead-Nettle seeds require cold stratification to coax the seeds out of dormancy. Cold stratification is achieved by scattering the seeds on the surface of the planting medium, barely covering them with a sprinkling of moist soil and placing them in the fridge for one month to six weeks. Light Needs. A spreading perennial bearing spikes of sparkling white flowers from spring through summer and Puckered 1 to 2 inch silver leaves edged in green.

Also known as White nettle can grow in variety of habitats from open grassland to woodland, generally on moist, fertile soils. The promise is that Lamiums are fast-growing perennial ground cover or container plants that brighten partly sunny spots and produce charming flowers. 1-Pint in Pot Spotted Dead Nettle (L10994) Item #442944 Model #NURSERY.

Habitat: White dead nettle is native to most of Europe and Central and North Asia.

97. Bees, especially bumble bees are attracted to the flowers which are a good source of early nectar and pollen, hence the plant is sometimes called the bee nettle. Young leaves are edible, and can be used in salads or cooked as a vegetable. Once established, they are quite showy. Shipping June 1, 2020. / Plants, Bulbs & Seeds / Perennials. × What State Are You Shipping To? Set State. Lamium White Nancy - Common name:Spotted Dead Nettle - White Nancy produces milky white clusters of small, hooded flowers in late spring and sporadically thru the summer. Biochemistry. It’s popular with bees all summer long, and it’s an annual, not a perennial, so once you’ve gotten rid of it, it’s gone… at least until more seeds fly into your yard. The white dead nettle is too weedy to be grown in the flower garden, but it does well in the wild garden and self-sows when well sited[200].

3.6 out of 5 stars 3. White Nancy Dead Nettle Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy' Sku #5657. $14.95 $ 14. Water Needs. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

Check Other Stores closed. It's in the mint family, so it's a very mild mint - look closely at the stem and you can see it's square, or 4-sided, instead of round or cylindrical: Lamium plants, commonly called Dead-nettle, make a good choice for shaded areas that need ground cover.

Our plant spacing recommendations are based on how quickly … It will carpet huge areas, and grow to be quite lush in fertile soil. Full to partial shade. Plants seem to be immune to the predations of rabbits[233].