Those that fluently speak the language are called accountants. Every day people use accounting skills while making decisions related to finance and investment options. Moreover, accounting skills are also used while making an assessment of the interest rates which are needed to pay off a loan. In other words, they help you understand what’s going on with your business financially. I have been guilty of speaking the accounting language only from an accountant's standpoint and not that of the business owner. Your financial records reflect the results of operations as well as the financial position of your small business or corporation. Distrust has recently become a major issue, especially with the recent public backlash experienced by politically implicated persons in the accounting profession. So, if you are considering to become an accountant, chartered accountancy provides the ability to choose an exciting career path towards the industry of your choice, anywhere in the world. Accounting is a language that needs to be understood by today's business owner. The same applies at the national level. Accounting is not only important in the field of business, but is also necessary in the day-to-day lives of the common man as well. As Chartered Management Accountants CIMA students and CGMA designation holders throughout the world have a duty to observe the highest standards of conduct and integrity and to uphold the good standing and reputation of the profession. Asking that question of an accountant is like asking a farmer why we need rain. This Code outlines the behaviours and conduct that … With this in mind I wanted to get your thoughts on an accountants importance to society. An accountant with the help of his education, training, analytical mind and experience is best qualified to provide multiple need-based services to the ever growing society.

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As they are somewhat removed from the day to day running of the business, they can offer a new perspective based on the bigger picture , giving guidance on applying for business loans, providing solutions to problems or even new business ideas. Why ethics are important to accountants. They need to uphold the Code of Ethics and apply it in their working lives. A good reputation is hard to build, but can be destroyed overnight. General Concept. … IMPORTANCE OF ACCOUNTING/ ACCOUNTANCY Accounting or accountancy is no doubt the universal language of business and figure. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is important for your business, big or small!

Let’s begin by dissecting the core concept of accounting and the reason why it is in place.