3. The neighbours said it will take 5 years to regrow. It must also be able to harden over the suckers before winter, and grow them large enough to conduct photosynthesis and keep the entire tree … Yes a Willow Tree will most definitely grow back from a stump. …

Since new sprouts from yours may be poorly attached to the remaining branches, sometimes break off later in the tree's development it might be as well to cut it down to a stump and start it over from the bottom early next spring. Almost any tree will grow back from a stump unless the tree is cut down according to a proper astrological sign, or the stump is poisoned after cutting. It's on council land. It will likely end up looking more like a bush than a tree, because many limbs will offshoot from the stump, and instead of growing tall it will grow spread out. It will come right back. For a tree to regrow from a stump, a laundry list of conditions must be met. Rot is likely to start in the stump, so a new tree would probably be stronger. The tree itself must survive the cut and have the necessary stored energy to send up suckers. It won’t take too long before you will have a willow bush if you don’t treat it before cutting it down. Today we returned home and were hugely shocked.

I believe that whoever was cutting the tree didn't know what he was doing. It should regrow quite rapidly. 1.

Favorite Answer. Established specimens of kinds with colorful shoots can be pruned down low each year to keep them smaller and more colorful. The willow tree was somewhere above 3.5 meters (not sure exactly, maybe 4-6 meters) tall. 2. This willow tree was pruned, and cut back to stump.

That is why you have to treat the Willow Tree stump with a tree killer on a fresh cut. Willows root very easily, though, all you have to do is take a green willow shoot and stick it in the ground - it will almost always root.