Students who have taken 131 will not receive major credit for 117 Undergrad Course Category:

(Note: S&DS 241 and 242 together count Home > Courses > Undergraduate Course Descriptions, 2019/20. Continuation of ECON 135 with a focus on econometric theory and practice: ... Yale Law School, and Jackson, but is open to all Yale students.

Most students should take ECON 117, followed by 123. Visit the Yale 2020 website celebrating this year’s graduates from across Yale College and the graduate and professional schools. Studying ECON 131 Econometrics & Data Analysis I at Yale University?

Economics majors must take an econometrics course in the Yale department. Students with a stronger mathematics background, who prefer a more theoretical treatment of the material or who plan to pursue a graduate degree in economics, are encouraged to take either ECON 135 or S&DS 241 and S&DS 242, followed by ECON 136. Two courses in econometrics, ECON 135 and 136 (with permission of the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) in Economics, S&DS 241 and 242 may be taken instead of ECON 135, in which case they count as one economics course and not as mathematics courses).

If you feel you have covered the material in Econ 117: Introduction to Data Analysis and Econometrics in another course, speak to the professor for Econ 123: Intermediate Data Analysis and Econometrics about taking that course. Congratulations Class of 2020! Prerequisites: ECON 108, 110, 115, or equivalent and familiarity with single variable calculus. Topics include classical regression and simultaneous equations models; panel data; and limited dependent variables. A year of mathematical economics, ECON 351 and one of ECON 350, 417, or 433. On StuDocu you find all the study guides, past exams and lecture notes for this course Foundations of mathematical statistics: probability theory, distribution theory, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, and computer programming. Continuation of ECON 135 with a focus on econometric theory and practice: problems that arise from the specification, estimation, and interpretation of models of economic behavior.

Throughout the coming week and beyond, the site will serve as center stage for a series of videos, photographs, music, and other content honoring the accomplishments of Yale’s Class of 2020.